Mask support inner support in summer mask inner support frame male and female students do not touch mouth and nose breathable separation frame anti muggy makeup removal artifact

Color, size, 2 white ordinary models (small, 3 white ordinary models) (small, 5 white ordinary models (small, 8 white ordinary models) (small, 1 white ordinary model (small, 1 white ordinary model) and 2 white upgraded TPE models (affordable, 3 white upgraded TPE models) (home, 5 white upgraded TPE models (shopkeeper, 8 white upgraded TPE models) (value-added, 1 white upgraded TPE model) (Trial - not cost-effective, 2 Blue upgraded TPE models) (affordable, blue upgraded TPE, 3 pieces) (home, blue upgraded TPE, 5 pieces) (shopkeeper, blue upgraded TPE, 8 pieces) (value-added, blue upgraded TPE, 1 piece) (Trial - not cost-effective),,,

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[new product] mask anti stuffy artifact mouth and nose makeup washable bracket inner support soft, breathable and non stuffy white light blue new product

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