Cocoon Princess home textile flannel fitted sheet single piece spring and winter thickened warm Plush single double mattress protective cover non slip fitted sheet

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Fabric material: pure cotton is very comfortable, feels smooth, very slippery, fine workmanship, intact packaging and fast logistics! It's a good shopping! Color and pattern: generally old, touch and feel: not hard to pure cotton. Product packaging: OK, it has been received and used, with good quality, comfortable touch and no peculiar smell. Fuanna kit has been used all the time. The awesome logistics has not disappointed me. I bought it for activities. It's under 200 yuan. It's OK. It should be washable. It's cold in winter and can be used in summer and autumn. The sheets are not fitted sheets. They are messy when you wake up from sleep. It's a warm color with just the right color. I thought it was too bright and the material was very good. It took some time to evaluate it. The quality is good and very comfortable. Praise!

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